About a domenica

a domenica

Translation: ‘See you Sunday’

Traditionally, Domenica or ‘Sunday’ in Italy is a day for rest, worship, spending quality time with loved ones, and il dolce far niente– ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’.

La Domenica epitomises the charming Italian culture that is aspired to by people living fast paced lives around the world. Sundays are when vibrant towns turn sleepy, all the stores close for the day and Italians enjoy life’s simple pleasures. A home cooked long lunch. An afternoon passeggiata or leisurely stroll. An aperitivo in the local piazza. A game of cards under a beach umbrella. A post-lunch pisolino or nap. Italians are experts in making the little, ordinary things feel special.

mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto
– Eat well, laugh often, love a lot.

a domenica

After endless years studying Italian, I moved to Italy and connected with my relatives in Calabria while tracking down the details of my ancestry and family tree.

Over the course of more than four years there, living in regions from Lombardia and Piemonte in the North, to Emilia Romagna and Le Marche in the country’s centre, to Calabria in the very Southern tip of the Italian boot, I gained an understanding of Italy’s regional diversity. From cuisine to landscape, dialects and traditions, each region has its own unique identity.

a domenica‘, named after my bisnonna or great grandmother Vincenza Domenica Maria (pictured right), aims to weave a little of the Italian Sunday magic into every day life. Appreciating the little things and sharing inspiration for travel, cooking, and everything that is intrinsically Italian.